Caring For Persian Cats

What to know when you bring your kitten home...

Your kitten came with some of the food they are eating here. Please do not make diet changes for the first 2-4 weeks. Consider this when switching foods. Switching brands is fine, switching proteins should be done slowly.

Kittens and cats don't always drink enough water. Feeding wet food helps with hydration. As do fountains. Your kitten is already litter box trained. Please use the litter they are use to here. 

Your kitten will adapt to your household dynamics. Such as your schedule, children, noises, other pets. It is your existing household that needs to adapt to the kitten. If you have other pets, precautions need to be taken. Although it can be stressful the first few days, they will all be BFF in the end.

Your kitten will need a safe place. A place they will go to when they are frightened or overwhelmed. Think of this prior to taking the kitten home.

Once you take your kitten home, it is not recommend to release it to the entire home right away.  Please prepare a small space such as small room, bathroom, large closet or a walled corner of a room for the kitten to live for a few days and not be overwhelmed with new environment.  

After a few days, you may then slowly introduce the kitten to a larger space like a bedroom.  

Make sure that in the room in which kitten would be living that out there is no contact with other pets.  Please avoid having the kitten make contact with germ carrying items such as shoes...

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